Consigned studies using model animals

Contract Service Center

  • Drug metabolism, drug efficacy, and safety studies using human liver chimeric mice
  • Tumorigenicity studies of regenerative medicine products, etc.
  • Orthotopic transplantation models using mice and rats
  • Evaluation of anticancer drugs using PDX
  • Evaluation of anticancer drugs by in vivo ADCC activity
  • Evaluation of antibody-based drugs in humanized NOG mice
  • Common marmoset spinal cord injury model and motor function recovering effects
  • Common marmoset Parkinson's disease model by MPTP administration
  • Common marmoset intracerebral administration model
Contract Service Center

Animal Resource & Technical Research Center

  • Microbiome-related animal experiment using germ-free mice
  • Custom mouse breeding under SPF/gnotobiote/germ-free conditions
Breeding Technology Laboratory/Gnotobiotic Animal Laboratory

Distribution of humanized mice

Contract Service Center

  • Distribution of hCD34 positive cell transplanted NOG mice
  • Distribution of hPBMC transplanted NOG mice
Contract Service Center

Distribution of human tumor line (PDX)

Contract Service Center

  • Distribution of PDX (ampoule)
  • Distribution of tumor-bearing mice (orthotopically and heterotopically transplanted)
Contract Service Center

Various studies using microorganisms

ICLAS Monitoring Center

  • Evaluations of sterilants, disinfectants, etc. (bactericidal efficacy, virus inactivation efficacy)
  • Various studies using bacterial strains (antimicrobial susceptibility tests, minimum inhibitory concentration measurements, proliferation tests)
  • Bacterial identification services
ICLAS Monitoring Center

Preparation of pathological specimens

Pathology Center

  • Preparation of pathological specimens of laboratory animals
  • Preparation of digital pathology slides
Pathology Center

Live imaging

Contract Service Center

  • Evaluation of various model animals by MRI
  • Mouse brain analysis using ultrasensitive coil
  • Evaluation of model animals using 3D micro X-ray CT for small laboratory animals
  • Macro fluorescence imaging
Contract Service Center

Consignments related to reproductive engineering (mice, rats, and common marmosets)

Animal Resource & Technical Research Center

  • Custom production of genetically modified mice and rats
  • Embryo transfer rederivation of mice and rats
  • Microbiological cleaning (SPF/gnotobiote/germ-free)
  • Embryos cryopreservation of mice and rats
  • Sperm cryopreservation (mice)
Animal Resource Laboratory

Basic Technology Center for Marmoset Research

  • Generation of genetically modified common marmosets
  • Reproductive engineering technology support (common marmosets)
Basic Technology Center for Marmoset Research

Services in ICLAS Monitoring Center

ICLAS Monitoring Center

  • Microbiological monitoring tests
  • Microbiological monitoring tests of cell and tumor lines
  • Genetic monitoring tests in mice and rats
  • Testing the intestinal flora of laboratory animals
  • Distribution of reference standards for tests
  • Other microorganism-related tests
ICLAS Monitoring Center

Consultation Services

Department of Development Research

Consultation on animal experiments

  • Presentation of background data of animals to be used
  • Advice on procedures for administration of animal experiments
  • Support for animal experiments
  • Support for interpretation of obtained results
Department of Development Research

Animal Resource & Technical Research Center

Consultation and technical support on management of germ-free and severely immunodeficient mice

  • Vinyl filme Isolator assembly and guide for use
  • Rearing and experimental environment for germ-free and gnotobiotic animals
  • Rearing and experimental environment for severely immunodeficient animals
Breeding Technology Laboratory/Gnotobiotic Animal Laboratory

ICLAS Monitoring Center

Consultation on microbiological control

  • Control of microorganisms in laboratory animal facilities
  • Cause investigation upon onset of infection
  • Education on quarantine and microbiological monitoring tests
  • Provision of information on diseases
ICLAS Monitoring Center


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