Department of Development Research

The aim of CIEM’s research and development is to contribute drug discoveries and basic medical research via generation of new animal models or establishment of new protocol for pre-clinical experiments. We have performed translational researches for social implementation. In addition, we have communicated outside researchers to discuss applications of our research achievements.

Development Research Laboratory


  • Provide background data of our mouse pipelines for drug discovery researches
  • Preparation of protocol for stable production of humanized immune system-reconstructed mice
  • Development of anticancer drug evaluation model system using humanized immune system-reconstructed mice
  • Introduction of cutting-edge digital science techniques to our animal behavior experiments
  • Conduct collaborative research and development on evaluation of next generation NOG mice

Technology Development Laboratory


  • Quality control and exchange information of rasH2 mouse and NOG mouse
  • Maintenance of Patient Derived Xenograft established by CIEM (CIEA-PDX)
  • Development of new experimental techniques for pre-clinical studies
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Please feel free to contact us for any questions or for consultation about NOG mice or next generation NOG mice.



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