Breeding Technology Laboratory/Gnotobiotic Animal Laboratory|Animal Resource & Technical Research Center

On the basis of germ-free animal rearing and management techniques, we have established an animal production system that controls various factors such as microorganisms, genetics, environment, and nutrition. We supply experimental animals possessing high reproducibility, disseminate techniques for their rearing and management, and provide technical services. We also provide consultations on improvement of the rearing and experimental environments for severely immunodeficient NOG mice and related mouse lines (Next-Generation NOGs).


  1. Distribution of germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse strains
  2. Custom microbiological cleaning for germ-free and gnotobiotic mice
  3. Sampling from germ-free and gnotobiotic animals
  4. Contract and collaborative researche using germ-free and gnotobiotic animals
  5. Education and training on rearing and management of germ-free and severely immunodeficient mice
  6. Education and training on rearing and management for inbreeding and small-scale production
  7. Education and training on microbiological cleaning (establishment of germ-free and SPF animals)
  8. Consultation on rearing and experimental environments for mice and rats
  1. Study on AAV-mediated gene therapy for diabetes in humanized liver mouse to predict efficacy in humans.
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  2. Predominant development of mature and functional human NK cells in a novel human IL-2-producing transgenic NOG mouse.
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  3. NOD-Rag2null IL-2Rγnull mice: an alternative to NOG mice for generation of humanized mice.
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  4. A versatile technique for the in vivo imaging of human tumor xenografts using near-infrared fluorochrome-conjugated macromolecule probes.
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  5. Establishment of a human allergy model using human IL-3/GM-CSF-transgenic NOG mice.
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