Project Development Team

Aim of research and development of the next generation NOG mouse pipelines

To generate mouse models for further progression of drug discovery and basic medical research, CIEA has been performing research and development of humanized mice using next generation NOG mouse pipelines. The next generation NOG mice are genetically modified NOG mouse, which are developed for better engraftment of target human cells. Transfection of human cells into the next generation NOG mouse has shown improved reconstruction of the human immune system or liver, and enables experiments more likely to be extrapolated to humans as compared to conventional laboratory animal models.

Mission of the “Development of Next Generation NOG mice” project

  • Provision of background data necessary for drug discovery researches
  • Preparation of protocol for stable production of humanized immune system-reconstructed mice
  • Development of anticancer drug evaluation model system using humanized immune system-reconstructed mice
  • Collaborative research and development on evaluation of next generation NOG mice with pharmaceutical companies in Japan and other countries
  • Collaborative development of novel disease model assessment systems with overseas venture companies
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